Frequently Asked Questions

What is a LoboCard?

The LoboCard is the official UNM ID card carried by students, staff, faculty, and other for access to university services, secured buildings and more.  Click for more information. 

What is LoboCa$h?

LoboCa$h is a prepaid spending account with a balance that declines each time you use it (by swiping your LoboCard) to make purchases both on and off campus (LoboCa$h off campus is coming soon!)  Click for more information.  Back to top of page.

Where can I use my LoboCard?

The LoboCard gives access to university services such as libraries, gym facilities, and printing in some computer labs.  Click for more information.  Back to top of page.

How much does it cost to get a LoboCard?

Everyone's first Lobo Card is free. Click here to see current fee structure.  Back to top of page.

Where can I use LoboCa$h?

LoboCa$h is useful for the bookstores, convenience stores, dining establishments, and vending machines on campus. Click here for a list of places that accept LoboCa$h.  Back to top of page.

What do I do if I lose my card?

You can deactivate your LoboCa$h account online 24/7 (you'll need to create a log-in -- click on "I'm new here" just under the UNM ID # field), or email  Click for more information.  Back to top of page.

What happens if someone found my LoboCard?

When cards are returned to the LoboCard Office in the SUB you will be notified by email at your address.  However many other locations on campus, such as University Police or the SUB welcome desk, have their own lost and found collections, and may email you if they receive it.  Back to top of page.

Why did my LoboCard stop working?

LoboCards can stop working for a variety of reasons.  To determine the cause and repair the problem, bring the card to the LoboCard Office for assistance.  Back to top of page.

How do I get a new/replacement LoboCard?

Bring government-issued photo identification, your UNM ID number, and a replacement fee to the LoboCard Office.  Click for more information.  Back to top of page.

How can I pay for a replacement card?

You pay for a replacement LoboCard with cash, check, any major credit card, and LoboCa$h.  We cannot charge a replacement card to your bursar's account.  Back to top of page.

Where is the LoboCard Office located and when is it open?

The LoboCard Office is located on the first level of the Student Union Building (SUB - building 60 on the campus map), near the Zimmerman entrance, beside the Nusenda Federal Credit Union.  Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:45 pm, excluding UNM holidays

How do I make a deposit to My LoboCa$h account?

You can make a deposit online, by mail, or in person at the LoboCard Office or either of the UNM bookstores.  Click here for more information.  Back to top of page.

What's the difference between LoboCa$h, dining points, meal plans, and student accounts?

  • LoboCa$h is a discretionary spending account which can be used in most retail situations on campus, including (but not limited to) venues at the SUB, copies at the library, some vending machines and the UNM bookstores
  • Dining Points are a dollar-for-dollar tender that are included in the overall purchase of a meal plan.  They can only be used to make purchases from on campus food vendors or the convenience stores on campus.
  • Meal Plans are required of freshmen living on campus and allow for meal purchases in La Posada's "all you can eat" food court.
  • Student Accounts are managed by the Bursar's Office and are used to charge tuition and fees, housing and meal plan expenses, parking permits and various other fees.  Financial aid, scholarships, and other payments are credited toward this account.  Your LoboCard may be required to access your student account information.  Back to top of page

Can I pay tuition with LoboCa$h?

No.  Although your student account is accessible, in some circumstances, through your LoboCard, it is not linked to LoboCa$h.  No mechanism exists which would allow a LoboCa$h balance to pay for tuition or other fees on your student account.  Back to top of page.

Can I turn financial aid or scholarship funds into LoboCa$h?

Not directly.  Your Student Account is not linked to LoboCa$h.  Once your funds are released to you, you may deposit money into your LoboCa$h account.  Back to top of page.

Can I get a refund of my LoboCa$h?

If you have a valid reason for requesting a refund, such as graduation, withdrawal, or termination of employment, you can get a refund of the LoboCa$h that remains in your account.  Complete and submit the online request form, or come to the LoboCard Office.  If approved, your refund will be processed through the Cashier's Office, and you will be issued a refund (after any balance on your Bursar's account is settled).  See the Terms and Conditions for more information.  Back to top of page.

Can I re-activate my old card once I have received a replacement card?

No.  Payment of a replacement fee constitutes authorization for the de-activation and deletion of the missing LoboCard record from the carding system.  Once it is deleted the card can never be re-activated.  Back to top of page.

Do I have to renew my LoboCard every semester?

No.  The card is valid upon admission to UNM; it is issued once and is active upon a student's enrollment in the current semester. The Lobo Card remains valid until the expiration date printed on the front of the card and it activates and deactivates automatically according to the student's enrollment status.  An expired card may be renewed free of charge if returned to the LoboCard Office at the time of renewal.  Back to top of page.

Do I need to pay a replacement fee if my LoboCard was stolen?

Yes, effective July 1, 2012, stolen cards will no longer be replaced free of charge.  Please click here to see current fees.  Back to top of page.

Can I get a new LoboCard if I have changed my name?

Yes, however a $10 name change fee will apply.  A few days after a name change is submitted to the correct office (Records & Registration for students; HR for staff; Faculty Contracts for faculty), your record in the carding system will be updated (log into the UNM portal.  If your name has changed there, it's changed in the carding system).  The original LoboCard must be surrendered to the LoboCard office or standard replacement fees will apply.  Back to top of page.

I carry an HSC badge -- why can't I keep my main campus LoboCard?

HSC badges are encoded using the same records at main campus LoboCards.  It is a security risk, especially to those individuals who use LoboCa$h or have a meal plan, to carry two badges encoded on the same record which is why individuals are required to surrender their main campus LoboCard when an HSC badge is issued.  Should an individual refuse to surrender the main campus LoboCard, Hospital Security will not encode the HSC badge.  Back to top of page.

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